Policies & Procedures

Wet Weather
During periods of rainy weather students are kept indoors at recess and lunch breaks under teacher supervision. Students are also supervised in the classrooms after 8.35 am if the wet weather policy applies before school. 

Hot Weather Policy
Our school buildings are fully air-conditioned and an early dismissal does not apply. On days when the estimated forecast is over 36 degrees Celsius students will spend only 15 minutes outside at lunchtime. They will then return to the comfort of the air conditioning for the remainder of lunch time.

Sun Safety
All students will be expected to wear dress code legionnaire, bucket or wide brimmed hats all year round. Students not wearing hats are expected to sit quietly in the shade. All classes are provided with 30+ sunscreen for student access in the classroom before going to breaks.

Emergency  Procedure
The school has an emergency evacuation procedure in place. The alarm is sounded by a continuous blast of the school siren. All students, staff and visitors are to orderly make their way to building exits and proceed to meeting points on the school oval, where further instructions will be given by senior staff. Emergency procedure information is located in all classrooms and corridors.                          

Grievance Procedures
Grievance Procedures for Parents are detailed in a brochure issued by our school. Please ask at the reception desk for a copy or click here to download.

Statement on Bullying
Click here to access our statement on bullying.