General Information

Parents in The Classroom
We believe schooling to be a partnership between home and school, and welcome parent support within the classroom. Some parents like to hear children reading, type children’s stories, join the class on excursions, or help with art / craft. Please talk to your child’s teacher about how you might be able to help out in some way. It is one of the most rewarding ways of being involved.

Class Parents
Each class has one or two Class Parents whose role it is to:

  • Support the classroom teacher and class learning where possible
  • Seek support from other parents
  • Assist in the organisation of some class activities
  • Act as a liaison between parents and class teacher(s)
  • Assist in information sharing / communication. Class Parents also meet as a group during the term to discuss school developments, provide feedback and support school initiatives.

Governing Council
The members of the Governing Council are elected at the annual general meeting held in February each year. They are your representatives on all decisions made with respect to the school. Governing Council meet two to three times each term to oversee the progress and development of the school.

Principal’s Awards
Each fortnight, at whole school assemblies, certificates are presented to students who have succeeded in their learning, behaviour, attitude, or have contributed to the culture of the school in some way. The names of the recipients are printed in the school newsletter in recognition of their efforts and so parents can attend the assembly to see the presentation.

Award For Excellence
An award for excellence is presented to a Year 7 boy and girl at the end of the year in recognition of their outstanding contributions to our school in all aspects of school life. The presentation is made at the graduation ceremony. We also present 2 students with the “Cory Sellars” award, for displaying exceptional values. This award is in recognition of a former students.

Assemblies are held fortnightly in the school hall usually on Fridays in even weeks from 9.10. It is a time when all classes come together to showcase work, develop skills in public speaking and listening and to hear relevant school news. Classes are rostered to take turns hosting the assemblies. Please feel free to attend any assemblies. During the term there are also assemblies held to commemorate special events. Dates and times for all assemblies are advertised in the newsletter. 

The newsletter is published every second Thursday and contains news or items of general interest for the school and our community. It is sent home with the youngest child in each family who has the responsibility of giving them to you. Copies are available from the front office , on our website and can be emailed to a parent’s account upon request.

Community Notice Board
Information of community interest will be displayed on the pin up boards located in the classroom corridor near the front office in the main building and the entrance to the Morphett Building.

Lost Property
Any lost property (unnamed) is usually stored in blue bins a outside the main office until the end of each term. During the last week of term the items are put on display for students and parents. Any unclaimed items are then distributed to either the second hand cupboard or a charity organisation.

Cars in The School Yard
Parents are requested not to drive into the school yard to drop off or pick up children due to obvious dangers involved. We ask that parents park on Sherriffs Road or adjoining streets at either end of the day. Parents working in the school during school hours may park in available staff car park spaces. In extenuating circumstances, some modification to the above request may be negotiated.

Waiting For Children
We encourage parents to arrange a meeting place outside the building for these reasons:

  1. A corridor full of parents presents an Occupational Health and Safety issue if an emergency evacuation were to take place.
  2. It can be disturbing for the children if their parent is looking through the window at them. We are encouraging our students to be independent by packing their own bags at the end of the day and meeting you outside. Thank you for assisting with this.

Supervision of Students Eating Lunches
Teachers supervise the eating of lunches in class groups from 12:50 – 1:00 pm each day. The purpose is to ensure all children are having lunch provided, and to monitor the eating of lunches, wastage, swapping, etc. HYGIENE Soap is provided in all toilet wash troughs and students are expected to wash hands before leaving the toilet blocks.

Genuine requests to go to the toilet during learning time are usually granted. However, on occasions the requests come all too frequently from some individuals. Please inform teachers if there is a medical condition requiring frequent toileting, as a polite refusal may be embarrassing for both child and teacher.

Access To Buildings
Students are not permitted in buildings at recess or lunch times due to the difficulties of supervision. On any given day, staff are either on yard duty, attending committee meetings or preparing for the day. This procedure exists for reasons of student and property safety.

Items of value brought to school.

The school discourages students from bringing any valuable personal items to school eg. jewellery, swap cards, toys, etc. as it does not accept responsibility for loss, theft or damage of such items.

Mobile Phones
Students are not to use a mobile phone during school hours. If a student brings a mobile phone to school they are encouraged to leave them at the front office for the day. Any emergency information can be communicated to the child via a phone call to the front office.

Discos for students ( including Preschool) are normally held at various times throughout the year under the supervision of staff and parents. These are advertised in the school newsletter well in advance. Discos are held at the school.

After School Sports

Sports after school may be offered at various times during the school year. Opportunities for students to come and try are advertised in the newsletter.

Smoking Ban
Parents are reminded that smoking is banned within school buildings and grounds at all times.