Effective communication is an important foundation for a successful partnership between teachers, parents and students. There are many avenues for you to make contact with your child’s teacher.
These include:

  • Phoning the school at break times, however, the teacher may be on yard duty. Please leave a message.
  • Making an appointment in advance with the teacher. He/she will find a suitable time before or after school.
  • Using your child’s diary to convey important messages.
  • Working in your child’s class with reading, art/craft, etc.
  • Attending parent/teacher interviews.

Appointments With Staff
Leadership staff and teachers are most willing to meet with parents but we ask that appointments are made with the individual at a time convenient to both. Please be aware that teachers must place their teaching duty as the first priority during school hours.

Emergency Contact Information
Please ensure that the correct emergency contact details are held by the school in case of emergency (address, telephone, medical, parent workplace information, additional family information).

Custody Orders
If current custodial orders are in place please ensure that you have informed the Principal of such orders. A copy may be kept in your child’s file. Providing such information may save stress and anxiety at a later stage. Please inform the Principal of any changes to standing court orders.