Absences From School

It is a legal requirement that you inform us if your child is away and why they are away. We would prefer you to do this by phone or in person on the morning of the absence, preferably before school begins and no later than 10.00 am. Notes in diaries after an absence are acceptable but they don’t give us an immediate indication of where the child is and why they are away, please call the school and let us know. If your child is late we will require them to report to the front office, with you or whoever is dropping them off and sign a book that lets us know the reason for the lateness. If you collect them for early dismissal or appointment we will need you to come to the front office to do so.

Once you come in and sign the child out, we will send for your child. We can no longer allow children to be collected from the classroom. (You may choose to ring ahead and let us know of arrangements to collect the children and we can have them waiting for you.) If your child returns that day we will need you to re-enter them through the front office where you can sign them back in. If you are taking your child out of school for between 2 days and 4 weeks, for any family reason, we need you to complete an exemption form (available at the front desk) so that the Principal can approve the absence. Preschool children are part of our roll and these procedures apply to them as well, however, it will not be necessary to come to the front office to collect them. There will be sign in/sign out books at the Preschool and you can come to collect them from the Preschool.