About Us

Reynella South’s vision is centred around the co-operative endeavours of learning together to support student learning, and in meeting the needs of our local community. Our vision acknowledges that students, staff and parents are all learners in the process of whole school improvement and the creation of a supportive learning environment.

Our mission is to provide high quality learning, teaching, leadership, care and student services for our local community. Our programs both reflect the needs of our community and encourage continuous improvement.

Our school values and principles were shaped through ongoing community consultation.
We value:

  • Learning
  • Care
  • Respect

Through the consistent application of these values we aim for our students to graduate from our school demonstrating the following personal dispositions.

  • Having a strong sense of personal identity and respect for others.
  • Having a range of effective social and interpersonal skills
  • Being happy, confident and responsible citizens
  • Being able to work effectively with others in a co-operative manner.
  • Being hardworking students who display problem solving, risk taking and thinking skills.
  • Demonstrating qualities of honesty, creativity, care compassion, optimism, responsibility and adaptability.
  • Having a positive attitude to personal and environmental health.